PrivTech WS15/16

Seminar on Privacy-Preserving Technologies (PrivTech) offered during WS15/16.

The seminar page in TUCaN.


15. Mar 2016 - The grades have been entered into TuCaN and should appear there soon.

14. Mar 2016 - Presentation slides and thesis topics are online.

21. Jan 2016 - Information on the presentations and link to the submission system is online now.

30. Oct 2015 - Groups and topics have been assigned to the participants via e-mail.

21. Oct 2015 - The kick-off material and timeline is online now.


  • Wed, 28. Oct 2015, 23:59 (CET/UTC+1): Topic and group selection.
    Create a prioritized list of (at least) 3 topics
    Optional: Find a group member. If you don't have a partner we'll assign participants to groups of 2 based on matching topic choices.
    Send your topic (and partner) preferences via email to agnes.kiss(a-t)
  • Fri, 30. Oct 2015: Topics and groups are assigned.
  • Fri, 12. Feb 2016, 23:59 (CET/UTC+1): Report Submission Deadline (fixed - no extensions).
  • Fri 11. Mar 2016: Presentations

Submission of Reports

The submission of reports will be done via easychair:

Please create an account there and submit a PDF version of your report.
You can upload multiple times before the deadline.


The presentations will take place on Friday, 11th March 2016 at CASED (Mornewegstraße 32, S4|14) room 4.3.01. Please use the entrance to the building at Mornewegstraße 32, where the gym is located. This staircase will bring you directly to room 4.3.01 on the 4th floor.


09:50-10:00 Introduction

SESSION 1: Generic Secure Computation

10:00-10:40 Privacy-Preserving Mobile Applications
10:40-11:20 Secure Computation & Oblivious RAM

11:20-11:30 Coffee break 1

SESSION 2: Special-Purpose Secure Computation

11:30-12:10 Biometric Identification
12:10-12:50 Private Set Intersection

12:50-14:00 Lunch break

SESSION 3: Alternative Privacy-Preserving Techniques

14:00-14:40 Private Information Retrieval (PIR)
14:40-15:20 (Somewhat) Homomorphic Encryption

15:20-15:30 Coffee break 2

SESSION 4: Private Function Evaluation

15:30-16:10 Representing Functions as Data
16:10-16:50 Private Database System

16:50-17:00 Closing remarks


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