PrivTech WS17/18

Seminar on Privacy-Preserving Technologies (PrivTech) offered during WS17/18.


  • 07. Aug 2017 - New website for PrivTech WS17/18 online.


Please register for our seminar in TUCaN.


  • Mon, 23. Oct 2017, 09:50 - 11:30: Seminar Kick-Off at CASED (S4|14), Room 5.3.01 (Mornewegstraße 32, 5th floor)
    We give an overview of the available topics and answer organizational questions.
  • Thu, 26. Oct 2017, 23:59 (CEST/UTC+2): Topic Selection Deadline.
    All interested students submit a list of all topics ordered by their preference (details follow)
  • Thu, 30. Nov 2017, 23:59 (CET/UTC+1): Intermediate Report Submission Deadline.
  • Each group submits a 1-page intermediate report, containig the structure of the final document to the respective advisor via email.
  • Fri, 09. Feb 2018, 23:59 (CET/UTC+1): Final Report Submission Deadline.
    All reports must be submitted (details follow)
  • ~Mar 2018, Presentations at CASED (S4|14)
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